May 21, 2022

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6-year-old boy among three killed in mass shooting at California festival

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4 dead, 15 injured in mass shooting at California festival

A gunman killed three people including a six-year-old child and wounded 15 at a California food festival on Sunday before being shot dead by police, police are hunting for a second person they believed was involved in the killing.

What we know:

  • Where it happened: The shooting struck the garlic festival in Gilroy, about 30 miles from San Jose, a beloved annual event in a community known for its garlic production.
  • The suspect: Investigators have now identified the suspect, who was shot and killed by police, a law enforcement source said Monday morning. Authorities say the crime scene is still active and they are investigating the possibility of a second suspect.
  • The victims: At least three people are dead and 11 more have been injured, including a 6-year-old boy, officials say. Those injured in the incident are being treated at St. Louise Regional Hospital, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and Stanford Hospital.
  • What’s next: Police say the ongoing investigation will continue throughout the night, and there will be another press conference in the morning. Meanwhile, they are urging the public to phone in tips or relevant information at (408) 846 0583.

What we don’t know:

  • Motive: The suspected shooter’s identity has not been released publicly by authorities, nor has his motive been determined.
  • Who are the other victims? Stephen Romero, the 6-year-old “loving boy” killed in the shooting, is the only victim who has so far been identified by local authorities. Two other festivalgoers killed in the shooting have yet to be named. Limited details have been circulated about others injured in the shooting, who remain in hospital.

The men reportedly evaded security, cut through a fence, brought in his assault rifle, and shot up a garlic festival.

One eyewitness says she was hiding in the chaotic scene at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. “All we know was it was two white males and one has already been killed and the other shooter they’re actually looking for right now.”

Via Local NBC:

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