September 25, 2021

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Epstein’s ex-lover boasted about performing sex act on George Clooney in a toilet

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Epstein's ex-lover boasted about performing sex act on George Clooney in a toilet

Ghislaine Maxwell, who recruited young girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein,  boasted about performing a sex act on George Clooney in a toilet.

Clooney was named by ex-Epstein sex slave Virginia Giuffre in a manuscript of her memoirs released by a New York court.

Virginia says  Maxwell boasted about it during an around the world trip they both made in 2001 which culminated in her meeting Prince Andrew for the first time in London.

Virginia wrote: “Always the instigator of a good joke but unable to take one herself she didn’t like when poked back that it was more in her recent taste of men since she loved to brag about her rendezvous with her various lovers.

“Once she came back giddy as a schoolgirl with an explosion of news, with all the build-up and excitement in her voice you’d think she was the next crown princess, but she had given George Clooney a b*** job in the bathroom at some random event, she never let that one down.”

Representatives for Clooney, now married to British barrister Amal Clooney, 41, and lawyers for Maxwell have so far failed to comment.

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