September 21, 2021

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VIDEO: Fights break out between passengers on delayed Delta flight at JFK airport

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VIDEO: Fights break out between passengers on delayed Delta flight at JFK airport

A video has gone viral showing  JFK flight to Miami being delayed for so long that police had to be called after fights broke out between frustrated passengers.

Delta Flight 2385 sat on the tarmac for nearly eight hours at the Queens airport on Thursday, with things getting out of control when sparring broke out, according to a report by FOX 5 News.

“This has gotten out of control — there are people fighting each other and it’s gotten both verbal and physical,” passenger Juan Andres Ahmad wrote on Twitter. “Police are on the plane! Complete chaos!”

“I understand weather delays and we all want to be safe but this is not about weather but about how Delta has handled it.”

In another tweet, Ahmad said the plane’s captain had “‘no idea’ where the ship’s crew was.”

The plane was scheduled to take off at 3:52 p.m. but was delayed due to poor weather and didn’t take off until around 11 p.m. — landing in Miami at 2:30 a.m., the report said.

Port Authority police restored calm but said there were no arrests.

The incident was the second mishap for Delta in recent days. A day earlier, passengers on JFK-bound Delta Flight 100 had a fright when their plane filled with mist. The plane was waiting to depart Jacksonville when the mist invaded. That flight eventually went on to land in New York without any incident.



A Delta spokesperson told Fox News that “during hot and humid conditions, it’s not uncommon to see brief periods of condensation fog in the cabin.”

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