September 24, 2021

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Woman who Prince Andrew waved goodbye to from Epstein’s pedophile lair is the daughter of former Australian prime minister

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Woman who Prince Andrew waved goodbye to from Epstein's pedophile lair is the daughter of former Australian prime minister

A mystery brunette seen with Prince Andrew in a  video shot at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion in December 2010 is Katherine Keating, the daughter of former Australian prime minister Paul Keating.

Friends of Katherine Keating, who’s now 37, said she is the woman pictured leaving the Manhattan townhouse and being waved at by Prince Andrew nine years ago.

Her father Paul Keating’s secretary said he was ‘aware of what the enquiry was about, but he would not be making a comment’.

Katherine (left) is pictured with her father Paul and sister Caroline at the opening of a musical about the former prime minister in 2006

The video, first published by the DailyMai, has plunged Prince Andrew into fresh controversy over his relationship with the pedophile, who allegedly took his own life earlier this month.

The video was taken on December 2010, less than 24 hours before an infamous photograph of the two men strolling in Central Park, and two months after Katherine Keating had left Sydney to move to New York to be closer to her then-partner Andre Balazs.

Keating is a former political consultant to her father’s Labor Party who moved to New York in 2010 to be with her then-boyfriend, hotelier Andre Balazs, 24 years her senior.

Balazs, a hotelier and socialite, was an associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Balazs’ name was found in Epstein’s ‘black book’ – the contents of which were revealed in court proceedings.

However, the likely presence of Keating in the video adds more intrigue, raising questions over what was happening in the townhouse that day.

Keating was one of two brunette young women seen coming or going; so too was a young blonde girl who left with Epstein himself.

She had been contacted multiple times for comment but has not responded.

Katherine Keating (circled) and Ghislaine Maxwell (second right) partied at a Dom Perignon-sponsored event in Maxwell’s home in 2013, launching a social network called Ideapod. It is now a publishing and education platform. They were pictured with (second left) then Icelandic prime minister Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, his wife Dorritt Moussaieff and her daughter Sharon

At the time the photographs were taken, Epstein was already a convicted child sex offender, which would make him unusual company for Keating, whose father was the center-left Australian prime minister from 1991 to 1996. Katherine Keating also once worked with the outspoken feminist journalist Gloria Steinem.

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