September 21, 2021

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California gang members laugh while receiving life sentences for attempted murder of police officer

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California gang members laugh while receiving life sentences for attempted murder of police officer

Two California gang members smiled and laughed as received life sentences for the attempted murder of a police officer.

Steven Rincon (left) and Jamie Caudillo (right) were convicted of attempted murder after shooting at former Merced Police Officer Ryan Rasmussen during a routine traffic stop in California on February 28, 2015.

But the two men laughed as their sentences were read out in court. A Merced County judge said the two men showed no remorse throughout the trial.

Prosecutors said that Caudillo, who was the passenger, shot at Rasmussen while Rincon, the driver, sped away.

Bullets struck the police officer on his bulletproof vest and his hand. He lost his right pinky finger in the incident.

Fellow officers then opened fire at Caudillo, hitting him at least once, and a 10-hour manhunt involving multiple law enforcement agencies ensued and resulted in the arrest of the two men.

The Merced Sun-Star reported that both men were charged with attempted murder.

Officer Rasmussen said Caudillo had ‘stripped him of his career’.

Caudillo was found guilty of shooting Rasmussen in May, according to the publication, and Rincon of being the getaway driver.

Merced County Judge Carol Ash said that throughout the trial, neither Caudillo nor Rincon showed any remorse.

‘I pray that they ask God for forgiveness,’ said Rasmussen’s mother, Judith.

Caudillo received 50 years and eight months to life in prison, while Rincon received 80 years.

The gang members’ attorney said he would appeal their convictions.

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