October 28, 2021

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At least eight guards knew Jeffrey Epstein was not supposed to be left alone

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At least eight guards knew Jeffrey Epstein was not supposed to be left alone

Federal investigators in New York have issued grand jury subpoenas to as many as 20 corrections officers at the jail where pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was being held and now a report from former  Secret Service agent says at least 8 of those officers knew that Epstein was not under any circumstances to be left alone.

*Dan Bongino is an American conservative commentator, radio show host, author, former congressional candidate, and former Secret Service agent. 

Via Dan Bongino:

New findings into the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide unearthed that at least 8 jail officials knew Epstein was not supposed to be left alone in his cell, but the order was ignored. Investigation to see why he wasn’t more closely watched is underway, but Barr says conspiracy theorists need to stand down despite serious irregularities. Sees nothing that undermines medical examiners findings that this was a suicide by hanging.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell who was seen in many photographs with Epstein and flight logs show she was a frequent guest on his private plane, released a video in defense of the negative attacks she has received. Campbell says when she found out what he had done she was disgusted. “I Had my fair share of sexual predators and thank god I had good people around me that protected me from this” she said in a released youtube video.

The subpoenas went out Friday to as many as 20 staffers at the Metropolitan Correctional Center and represent a new and significant phase in a criminal investigation into the workers responsible for Epstein’s detention.

Many are predicting that if they are questioned before a grand jury, some of the corrections officers would likely invoke their Fifth Amendment right to decline self-incriminating testimony.

Prosecutors hope to learn from the lieutenants in charge of Epstein’s cell block that night about the rounds that were or were not made to check on prisoners and to see how work was handed off from previous shifts as they seek to piece together the inmate’s final moments, the source said.

The subpoenas are the clearest indication yet that some of the jailors could face criminal prosecution for their actions that night.

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