May 19, 2022

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Facebook censors Milne News and kills reach on page for no reason at all

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Facebook has censored our page for no reason

Facebook, who claim they show no bias and do not censor pages, has done exactly that to our Milne News page for no reason and they won’t respond.

Facebook flagged one of our posts as spam. But we only post every hour, in some cases 30mins apart. Facebook’s policy says to post at least 20mins apart to avoid spamming and we have never broken any of their community standard rules or violated any of their policies.

The only reason, if you would call it that, Facebook has given is the post allegedly “goes against our Community Standards on spam.” But they have not elaborated on why this post is “spam.”

Just a generic message:

This is the first time we have been flagged for anything and this post was published an hour after the last post put up on our page. It definitely wasn’t a spam post and the post is not offensive or “fake news.” It is just a light-hearted joke that anyone can enjoy.

Here is the full image so you can see for yourself.

We are very confused to why this is happening. Also, since this has happened our page reach has dramatically dropped.

As you can see every post now only reaches around 0-13 people and these are posts that have been up for over 15hours:

Whereas before this our page was very very active and we only post an hour apart (sometimes on occasion 30mins) and when our audience is most active.

We also noticed that all our older posts now reach no-one. Before those posts were still being commented on liked and shared around.

We reached out to Facebook by appealing (as seen above), emailing and using their “submit an appeal form.”

Facebook has not got back to us with a reason to why this post is “spam” nor have they reviewed the post and put our reach back to the way it was.

The bottom line is that we did not “spam and there is no reason whatsoever to kill the reach on our page, This just comes as a long line of pages and sites that have been censored across social media, taken down or hidden from timelines.

Are we censored because we debunk and don’t follow the establishment media false narratives? Is it because we report the truth backed up by facts? Is it because we won’t lie?

What is it Facebook? Own up to it.

Facebook censorship is fast becoming an enemy of free speech.

We have been banned from Twitter for no reason, barely show up if at all in Google searches, censored by Facebook and Google Adsense CPM and CPC is always very low.

When will this corruption stop?

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