September 19, 2021

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Instagram model moonlighted as an international underage sex trafficking madame

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Instagram model moonlighted as an international underage sex trafficking madame

Colombian Instagram model Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello moonlighted as an international underage sex trafficking madame who recruited vulnerable girls to service celebrity clients, according to authorities.

The high-profile trial for Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello is now underway in Cartagena, where prosecutors say she headquartered the child prostitution ring along with 17 others, The Times of London reported.

Authorities arrested the accused in a July 2018 sting known as “Operation Vesta.”

Among the horrors, the child sex slaves were allegedly forced to endure, were tattoo brandings by their “owners” and sex parties on luxury yachts and hotels.

The 48-year-old buxom brunette, nicknamed “La Madame,” reportedly recruited up to 400 girls, many from poor backgrounds, to service glamorous clients, including celebrities and politicians.

On social media, she bragged about her wealth.

Photos posted by The Daily Mail show Campos Puello posing with loads of cash and a Louis Vuitton purse while wearing a cleavage-bearing top. In another image, she lounged on a boat in a bikini.

Campos Puello, who was convicted of federal heroin trafficking in New York in 2002 — and also goes by “La Ronca” aka “the husky-voiced woman”— claims all the women were over 18. Prostitution is legal in Colombia.

She also has a record for heroin trafficking as well as for entering the United States illegally.

The trial continues.

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