October 27, 2021

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Facebook censors Milne News page AGAIN after Beto O’Rourke post

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Facebook censors Milne News page AGAIN after Beto O'Rourke post

We thought it was over and Facebook had corrected their mistake by restoring the reach to our Milne News page. However, that did not last long.

On August 23rd Facebook flagged one of our posts as spam. But we only post every hour, in some cases 30mins apart. Facebook’s policy says to post at least 20mins apart to avoid spamming and we have never broken any of their community standard rules or violated any of their policies.

The only reason, if you would call it that, Facebook gave was the post allegedly “goes against our Community Standards on spam.” But they didn’t and  still have not elaborated on why this post is “spam.”

Just a generic message:

This is the first time we had been flagged for anything and this post was published an hour after the last post put up on our page. It definitely wasn’t a spam post and the post is not offensive or “fake news.” It is just a light-hearted joke that anyone can enjoy.

Here is the full image so you can see for yourself.

This post STILL has not been restored to our page and it is still “under review.” They are clearly ignoring our request for the post to be reviewed.”

Around 3 days after I contacted Jim Hoft over at the Gateway Pundit and he published an article about us being censored,  Facebook seemed to put our reach back to normal.  That was until yesterday.

After one of our social media managers posted this:

It must have upset someone at Facebook because the next post only reached  12 people, then the post after that which was a watch party of a Judicial Watch video reached zero people followed by the next post  – a picture of a Vet who supports Trump – which only reached 4 people.

This in stark contrast to our normal reach:

This is now the second time Facebook has done this to us. Only this time they didn’t take a post down and kill our reach. They just killed the reach.

This is strange considering:

One would think that if there was an issue Facebook would surely list it here and it wouldn’t say: “Your page has no violations” right?

Or at least send a message to our support inbox:

Not even there.

We have tried to contact Facebook with no success, again,

The reality is, Facebook don’t reply when you contact them via their “help center” or any form you can find to fill out to get their attention.  They simply ignore you. Possibly because the same person that killed the reach on our page is the same person “handling” any complaint we send. But we don’t know that for sure.

The bottom line is, we didn’t break their rules. we didn’t spam or post anything offensive or fake news.

So what’s the deal Facebook?

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