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Omarosa has become Michael Cohen’s ‘personal adviser’ and ‘self-help coach’

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Omarosa has become Michael Cohen's 'personal adviser' and 'self-help coach'

Omarosa Manigault Newman, 45, has reportedly become Michael Cohen’s personal adviser and self-help coach this summer. The former White House aide reportedly visited Cohen in jail at Otisville Federal Correctional Institution in late June.

Omarosa, 45, is still making a play in politics taking on a new role as disgraced former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s personal adviser while he’s behind bars.

The former Trump aide and reality TV show star has reportedly become Michael Cohen’s new self-help coach and has visited the attorney at the Otisville Federal Correctional Institution this summer.

‘She apparently has taken on the role of his personal adviser/coach,’ a source said to Page Six, adding they bond over their distaste for Trump.

Newman has reportedly been helping ‘him get through this since they share a common disdain for the president.’

Cohen, 53, has been in Otisville since May, serving his three-year sentence for campaign finance violations and fraud.

It’s not clear exactly when Newman visited Cohen in jail, but she likely dropped by around later June as only family members were allowed to visit the attorney at first.

‘It takes time for visitors [who aren’t relatives] to be approved,’ the source said.

For her prison visit, Newman sported a ‘dress-up casual’ outfit.

Her stop at the jail wasn’t without notice. In fact, she ‘create a buzz within the facility’ that led the prison to bolster security.

However, a spokesperson for Michael Cohen denies that Newman ever visited him.

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