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Antifa caught on video harassing Portland police near climate rally

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Antifa caught on video harassing Portland police near climate rally

Journalist Andy Ngo, who was brutally attacked by an Antifa mob, reacted on Monday after covering a demonstration in Portland, Oregon where a mob harassed police officers.

“This group that demonstrated on Friday was a bit younger than what the average Antifa member is … these were their youth wings,” Ngo told “Fox & Friends.”

The comments came after Antifa members were caught on video footage harassing police in the area of a climate change rally. One member called a police officer a “pig” and another told a cop to “shut the f— up.”

On Friday, hundreds of thousands protested climate change around the world. Australia, with more than 300,000 protesters taking to the streets around the country, saw its largest demonstration since the start of the Iraq War in 2003.

However, in Portland, a faction of masked Antifa militants dressed in black harassed police officers.

Ngo said that while most climate protests around the world were peaceful, a group of militants “commandeered” part of the demonstrations and replaced the chant about the climate to “expletives” against the police.

“There were several arrests throughout the day,” he said. He also said one of the suspects was found to be carrying weapons such as a hammer, brass knuckles, and a switch-blade.

Ngo added that after the climate rally ended, the group of “masked militants” went to a local Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility and threw projectiles at officers there. He said the video he shot showed the protesters running from police.

Host Brian Kilmeade asked Ngo about the typical age of an Antifa member at the demonstrations.

“What’s concerning about this to me is that this movement is able to recruit younger and younger people. I mean, any of these masked people are really children,” Ngo said.

He went on to say, “You see how they’ve bought in to this narrative that the police are evil and they have no hesitation in not just showing disrespect to law enforcement, but hatred and trying to actively get in the way of the arrests.”

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