June 23, 2021

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Video shows Antifa blocking elderly couple’s path while calling them ‘Nazi scum’

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Video shows Antifa blocking elderly couple’s path while calling them ‘Nazi scum’

An elderly woman using a walker and her companion were blocked by Antifa, who also yelled in their face: “Nazi scum, off our streets!” — and blocking the couple from entering a  political rally, according to reports.

Video footage shows the elderly couple trying to cross a street toward Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, on Sunday when three members of Antifa blocked their path.

The protesters are seen shouting at the two elderly couple as they try to inch toward an event featuring People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier.

About 100 people had gathered to support or protest against the fundraiser for the party held at Mohawk College. Four people — two from each side — were arrested for breach of the peace, the news outlet reported.

PPC supporters slammed “Antifa” — anti-fascist protesters — for their actions.

“Couldn’t go any lower,” one person said in a retweet. “What a disgrace,” another said.

Police said officers intervened and escorted the couple into the building.

“Hamilton police are aware of the incident involving a senior with a walker who was barred from entering the Maxime Bernier event by counter-protesters,” police spokesman David Hennick told the National Post.

The couple have not filed a complaint, but police were still reviewing video evidence that could lead to potential charges, he added.

Alice Smith, one of the organizers, told the CBC that the actions by those in the clip toward the seniors do not reflect the views held by the majority of protesters.

“I have never seen [the people blocking the woman] before last night,” she said. “If I had been there at that spot, at that moment … I would have stepped in to stop it, because that wasn’t what we were there for.”

Bernier, who held a roundtable discussion with US political commentator Dave Rubin about free speech and censorship, later posted a video of the incident to his Twitter account.

“These Antifa protesters are a small minority of violent thugs,” Bernier said.

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