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California man wearing hat with MAGA written in Russian beaten in a restaurant bathroom

California man wearing hat with MAGA written in Russian beaten in a restaurant bathroom

A Southern California man was arrested Tuesday morning for beating up another man for wearing a hat with MAGA  written in Russian inside a local restaurant bathroom a month ago.

Police said David Delgado, 32, (below)of Los Angeles was taken into custody inside his home around 9 am Tuesday.

Authorities charged him with suspicion of robbery and battery with serious injury.

Investigators said Delgado was in a bathroom inside the Tower 12 restaurant in Hermosa Beach around 6.40 pm on September 2 when he approached an unidentified man wearing a red hat with the words ‘Make America Great Again’ written in Russian.

Hermosa Beach Police Sgt. Robert Higgins said Delgado asked the victim what the hat said in English before punching him in the face multiple times until the beleaguered man fell to the ground.

Delgado reportedly took the man’s hat before fleeing the scene.

‘It’s not clear who insulted who, but the hat is at the center of this whole mess,’ Higgins told the Daily Breeze.

Investigators used surveillance video and other evidence to track down the suspect.

It’s also unclear whether or not the man wearing the MAGA hat was an actual Trump supporter.

The Russian version of the MAGA hat has been advertised as anti-Trump headware.

Actor Alec Baldwin wore the same hat after Trump was elected to insinuate the newly elected president colluded with Russia.

According to Fox 4 Now, the MAGA translation on the hat is not precise. It actually says ‘Make America Fantastic Again’ in Russian.

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