October 16, 2021

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‘LaRouchePAC’ claims responsibility for woman’s “We Got To Start Eating Babies” speech at AOC event

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An apparently unhinged woman at an AOC town hall event in Queens Thursday night went off the rails telling the congresswoman “We Got To Start Eating Babies” to save the planet.

The woman was caught on video hilariously ranting about climate change, “We only have a few months left!” and “A Swedish professor is saying you know, eat dead people but that’s not fast enough. So I think your next campaign slogan has to be this: We Got To Start Eating Babies.”

Turns out it was all just a joke.

On Thursday night, the Lyndon LaRouchePAC retweeted the video claiming responsibility:

“LaRouchePAC trolls AOC, AOC doesn’t rule out eating babies,” the PAC wrote on Twitter.

LaRouchePac is an economic PAC that advocates for the policies championed by Lyndon LaRouche, a conspiracy theorist and political activist who ran for president multiple times. The PAC, according to its Twitter account, advocates for economic recovery, a return to former Secretary of State Alexander Hamilton and the implementation of LaRouche’s four economic laws.

LaRouche’s four laws are identified on the group’s website as restoring the Glass-Steagall Act, establishing a new national bank, increasing productivity as the metric for credit applications and creating a crash program for fusion power development and space.

LaRouche started out with the now-defunct United States Labor Party and ran for president eight times. In 1987, LaRouche was found guilty of scheming to defraud the Internal Revenue Service and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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