October 16, 2021

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Over a quarter of Democratic college students want MAGA hats banned on campus

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Over a quarter of Democratic college students want MAGA hats banned on campus

Over a quarter of Democratic college students want to ban President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign “Make America Great Again” hats on their respective campuses according to a new poll.

So much for free speech.

The online poll – According to The College Fix – featured the answers of 1,000 Democratic and Democratic-leaning college students.

Fifteen percent of the students reported that they favored the ban on the MAGA the hats; while 12 percent said they were strongly in favor of banning the hat from campuses.

The poll also reported that 39% of the Democratic students said that they opposed banning the hats, and 34% strongly opposed banning the hats, meaning 73% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning students oppose a MAGA hat ban.

The poll garnered opinions from students at Clemson University, Western Kentucky University, Missouri State University, University of California Riverside, and Bossier Parish Community College (Bossier City, Louisiana).

Among students who identify as “strong Democrat,” 31% said they favored banning the hats from campus, and 69 percent of “strong Democrats” opposed banning the hats.

Twenty-seven percent of so-called “weak Democrats” favored banning the hats, and 73% opposed banning the hats.

Of the students who “lean Democrat,” 23% favored the hat ban, and 77 percent opposed it.

The poll, which was conducted in September, has a margin of error of +/-3.5 percent.

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