November 26, 2021

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Elizabeth Warren deletes year-old Native American DNA tweet

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Elizabeth Warren deletes year-old Native American DNA tweet

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has deleted her year-old post from social media in which she bragged about a DNA test  “proving her Native American ancestry” — allegedly dating back at least six generations.

The tweet and a corresponding video on Warren’s site were found to have been deleted when columnist Jim Treacher went looking for them while writing a piece on the anniversary of the widely derided message, Treacher tweeted Wednesday.

“My family (including Fox News-watchers) sat together and talked about what they think of @realDonaldTrump’s attacks on our heritage,” wrote Warren in the since-deleted tweet, referring to the president’s public chiding of her as “Pocahontas” for her tenuous claims of Native American ancestry.

“And yes, a famous geneticist analyzed my DNA and concluded that it contains Native American ancestry.”

The study by Stanford University professor Carlos Bustamante allegedly found that Warren’s ties date back six to 10 generations, making her anywhere from 1/32nd to 1/1024th Native American.

Warren’s hamming up of the results only drew further criticism and led her to apologize to the Cherokee Nation who called her out for using them to push a lie.

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