September 25, 2021

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New Dhvani ad campaign shows President Trump held against his will and abused

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New Dhvani ad campaign shows President Trump held against his will and abused

The focus of a new ad campaign by the athletic apparel company Dhvani shows President Trump held against his will and abused.

So, Kingsman video meme bad, but anything violent against President Trump good according to the left. Got it.

Times Square ad space has been purchased by the athletic apparel company Dhvani for the #StandForSomething campaign, which features president Trump bound in red, white, and blue rope while an angry woman looming over him presses her foot on his face.

“You’ll notice some significant changes at,” the Portland, Oregon based company tweeted Monday. “We realize that some of our customers won’t agree with our activism and that’s okay with us. We’re not afraid to make bold statements & exercise our first amendment rights.”

AdAge reported on the Times Square “Lady Liberty” purchase on Thursday, which includes “middle school teacher and Marine Corps veteran Michal Mesa” attacking President Mr. Trump.

Their reasoning?

“[It’s] inspired by the superhero Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth,” Ad Age reported.

Another image on Dhvani’s Instagram features President Trump surrounded by five women while one of his captors holds duct tape in front of his mouth.


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“For nearly three long & tiring years, our American patriotism has been exploited,” the company tweeted Tuesday. “We were told President Trump that he would ‘make America great again.’ Instead, we have a nation more divided than ever before & further away from the ideals that make America truly ‘great.’ … Enough is enough. We’re taking a stand. We’re standing up for a woman’s right to choose, which is the law of the land. We’re standing up for women and LGBTQ+ rights. We’re standing up for the un- & underinsured’s ability to access affordable reproductive care.”

Chloe Mason, Dhvani chief communications officer and the lead model in the campaign, told Curve Magazine that Planned Parenthood had a role in bringing the campaign to life.

“We are proud to join Planned Parenthood in defending women from assaults on our reproductive rights,” Ms. Mason said Tuesday. “Trump administration policies are threatening the health and bodily autonomy of women, especially women of color, low-income women, and LGBTQ women.”

Planned Parenthood has denied that they had anything to do with it. But who knows if that’s actually true.

This comes as the left and mainstream media just made a big fuss over a video meme from 2 years ago calling for anyone who shares it online to be banned. But violent imagery like this is A-OK. The hypocrisy coming from the left right now reeks like a bag of shit on fire.

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