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Cory Booker’s girlfriend Rosario Dawson is being sued by transgender man for assault

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Cory Booker's girlfriend Rosario Dawson is being sued by transgender man for assault

2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker’s girlfriend Rosario Dawson, 40, is being sued by a former employee who says the actress and her family assaulted him after he came out as transgender.

Dedrek Finley, who was previously known as Deidre before coming out as transgender, moved to Los Angeles from New York City after being requested to do so by the actor and activist’s mother, Isabel, in 2017.

Dedrek says he knew the Dawson family for decades while living on the East Coast but it wasn’t until he moved out west he came out to them.

Dedrek was living in a separate home on Rosario’s North Hollywood property and did not have to pay rent but did agree to carry out renovations on Rosario’s house.

In the lawsuit, Dedrek claims that when he came out as transgender the Dawson family did not appreciate it.

He claims Isabel, 56, husband Greg and her brother Gustavo would still continue to call him Diedre and use female pronouns according to TMZ. 

Dedrek also claims he complained to Rosario about the problem several times but she never did anything to stop it.

Dedrek also claims that Rosario also engaged in transphobic abuse. After Dedrek complained, Rosario is alleged to have said, ‘You’re a grown woman.’

Upon him correcting her, she apparently replied, ‘Whatever’.

Things took a turn for the worse when Dedrek’s hours were drastically cut, and then he was told he needed to move out.

When Isabel knocked on Dedrek’s door on April 28, 2018, he apparently refused to discuss the issue with her.

Dedrek claims Isabel became violent and she threatened to kill his cat before ripping off the screen window and pulling him through it.

In the lawsuit Dedrek claims that she started punching him screaming, ‘You’re not much of a man now.’

The alleged assault then continued with Rosario’s permission who yelled, ‘Mom, stop being petty.’

Dedrek says he believed that Rosario was going to come to his defense but instead claims she helped pin him down so her mother could continue beating him.

The suit details how he eventually scrambled inside and managed to call 911.

Police arrived on the scene and took Dedrek to the hospital for treatment.

The following day Dedrek got a restraining order against Isabel.

Dedrek says he was essentially forced out of his home five months later in September after the family allegedly shut off the gas and made his living conditions inhospitable.

The lawsuit sees him suing Rosario, her mother, stepfather, and uncle for assault, battery, trespass, discrimination, civil rights, and labor violations.

Dawson’s representatives have not commented yet.

Aside from acting, Dawson is busy as a political activist. She is now dating New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who is running for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination.

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