January 22, 2022

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Mitt Romney has secret Twitter accounts he uses to attack Trump and praise himself

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Utah Senator Mitt Romney admitted he had a shadow Twitter during an interview with The Atlantic, but did not reveal the name of the account. However, the account has been discovered to be ‘Pierre Delecto.’

‘Pierre Delecto’ the name of Romney’s alter ego account mostly follows journalists, politicians, political pundits and comedians. Activity on the fake account was limited to tweets defending Romney, nagging journalists and denouncing anything about President Trump.

It’s been revealed that the 72-year-old Utah senator goes by the name Pierre Delecto, with the handle @qaws9876, on his fake Twitter account that he admittedly uses to act as a ‘lurker’ on the social media site.

The account was found through Romney’s oldest grandchild Allie Romney Critchlow, who only has 481 followers, Romney’s shadow account was discovered among them.


In an interview with The Atlantic published Sunday, Romney gave some clues to his alter ego account, which lead to being able to track down the Pierre Delecto account.

‘What do they call me, a lurker?’ Romney said when explaining in the interview that he has a secret Twitter account he claims if for keeping an eye on political conversations.

‘I won’t give you the name of it,’ Romney said but told the reporter he’s following 668 people, and went on to list some of the accounts he follows, which includes journalists, late-night comedians and athletes.

The account does not follow Donald Trump.  But attacks Trump at every chance.

Other than attacking Trump, the account praises Romney/himself.

In one instance Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis tweeted a short list of GOP senators ‘sticking up for’ fellow Senator Richard Burr. Romney was not on the list.

‘Romney too,’ the Delecto account tweeted as a response to Dennis. ‘Said to Post he has confidence in Chairman Burr.’

‘He tweets so much,’ Romney said. He compared the president to one of his nieces who overshares on Instagram: ‘I love her, but it’s like, Ah, it’s too much.’

Romney confirmed later Sunday night that he is behind the account. ‘C’est moi,’ Romney told The Atlantic, which in French means, ‘It’s me.’

A White House aide said that Romney’s new moniker in the West Wing is ‘In flagrante Delecto.’

The legal term ‘In flagrante delicto’ is used to indicate that a criminal was caught in the middle of committing an offense. An English equivalent to the Latin phrase is ‘caught red-handed.’

The account has become more active lately, but of the more than 250 tweets liked be Delecto over the last eight years, 30 have come from his official congressional account @SenatorRomney, 28 from his personal @MittRomney account, seven were tweets quoting off of the accounts and three directly mentioned one of his accounts. There were several others tweets liked by Delecto that reference Romney without either Twitter handle.

Guess no-one is stroking Romney’s ego so he has to do it himself.

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