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Zuckerberg says Facebook doesn’t censor political views, but we all know he’s full of shit

If you’re a conservative or lean even remotely right or support President Trump, you are more likely to have your views suppressed on social media despite what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says,

Yes, I am calling him and the people that work for him, liars. Full of shit. It’s time to take the gloves off and pull no punches.

Enough is enough. time to call Zuckerberg out for what he is, a bullshit artist. The very best of them.

Every time I see Zuckerberg on TV claiming Facebook doesn’t censor political views that don’t lean left or isn’t ‘orange man bad’ I laugh and wonder how that piece of shit sleeps at night. Probably on a pile of money,

Don’t even get me started on that weak interview on Fox the other day. FFS!

Every day I see people and pages censored and kicked off facebook for their political views and it’s not for breaking any community guidelines or rules. In fact, Facebook doesn’t even give anyone valid reasons for why they censor or boot people or pages.  It’s just a generic message that leaves you thinking what the actual f…. does that mean?

So many people have had their reach killed and pages unpublished for no reason at all. One time we posted a harmless meme and it was flagged as spam which resulted in our page reach being killed so no-one could see future posts for three weeks. When we appealed, they just ignore us. (you can read about that fiasco here.)

On two other occasions, Facebook just killed our reach and gave no notification or reason. The third time they actually sent a message claiming: “Stories from your Page are not being shown in News Feed. This could be due to activities from your Page that don’t comply with Facebook’s policies.

Could be? what a crock of shite that is.

A) We’ve NEVER used stories and B) we haven’t posted anything that goes against their shitty fascist rules.

It even says in our insights: “Nothing has been added to your Page’s story” and our page quality says: “Your Page has no violations.”

Furthermore, the most recent reach kill happened the second the Democrat debates started. Coincidence? I think not.

Another time they killed our reach after we published a post quoting Beto saying “hell yes we are going to take your guns.” Which is confusing because it’s a direct quote. (Link here)

The very same day Mark Zuckerberg published a” FREE SPEECH DECLARATION” in the Wall Street Journal to defend freedom of speech and freedom of expression., Facebook deleted one of the largest Donald Trump Facebook fan pages with 3,276,000 Fans for a bullshit reason.

They cited that it was because “It looks like recent activity on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Page Policies regarding impersonation and pretending to be an individual or business.”

The owner of the page has been nothing but transparent with facebook:

“Donald Trump Us Our President” With 3,276,000 Fans, Which We Paid FB Around $100,000 To Build, Using ‘Page Like Ads’ Was Removed Yesterday. Please Help Me Spread The Word So We Can Help Facebook Know And Fix, What I Am Sure Is A Honest Mistake.I Have Made My Identity Perfectly Clear, I Am, In No Way Associated With President Donald J. Trump, Nor Have I Ever Claimed To Be. This Was/Is A Fan Page, We Make That Abundantly Clear In Many Places On The Page.On Top Of That Facebook Approved The Name Change Back In 2016 …. So Why Now, All Of A Sudden Has My Life’s Work Been ‘Unpublished.’ I’m Sure This Is A Mistake, But Please Help Me Alert FB So We Can Get This Cleared Up, Thank You! – Mark Sidney

In what way does the title, “Donald Trump Is Our President” violate these terms? How does simply saying that suggest that he/she/it/they are Donald Trump?

It’s just a typical general message many receive from Facebook that doesn’t explain really why. But we all know why, because orange man bad. It’s pathetic. It’s like the people at Facebook have the mentality of a three-year-old that’s been told they can’t have some candy.

This has happened to so many and Mark Zuckerberg has the nerve to sit there like a robot in congress and interviews lying his ass off claiming it doesn’t happen. He’s certainly the king of bullshit artists

The bottom line is if you’re a conservative or lean even remotely right or support President Trump you cannot trust Zuckerberg and the people that work at Facebook. They will censor you, give you no real reason, ignore any appeals and lie to you.

They want you off the platform so they can just have a left-leaning echo chamber and Zuckerberg will continue to lie and claim he is all for free speech while he and his shitty salty staff abuse their power.

Long live the king of bullshit artists.

If you would like to get in touch with me to tell me your story of being censored, follow me on Instagram while I’m still on there or message us on our heavily censored Facebook page. or you can use our contact form.

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