September 25, 2021

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Judge rules father of Texas boy in middle of gender transition battle will have a say in any medical treatments

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Judge rules father of Texas boy in middle of gender transition battle will have a say in any medical treatments

The father of the 7-year-old Texas boy whose mother is seeking to transition his gender to female will retain a say in any medical treatments, reports said Thursday — as the state’s attorney general recommended a probe for possible child abuse.

Dallas Judge Kim Cooks ruled on Thursday that James Younger will remain under the joint custody of divorced parents Jeffrey Younger and Anne Georgulas, along with his twin brother, Jude, according to The Texan.

This ruling means that both of the parents will need to sign off on any medical procedures for James, including any steps to transition his gender, the report said.

Georgulas, a pediatrician, claims that James is transgender, prefers to wear dresses and likes to be referred to as “Luna.”

But James’ father has countered that those tendencies are not the boy’s own preferences but a product of Georgulas’ desires.

A jury had previously ruled on Monday that Georgulas should be given full decision-making power for any medical procedures.

Cooks also issued a gag order barring Jeffrey Younger from speaking to the press.

Meanwhile, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called on the state’s Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate possible “abuse” against the child.

“According to public reports, the mother has already begun transitioning the boy by calling him a girl’s name and dressing him in girl’s clothes,” wrote Paxton in an open letter to department head Trevor Woodruff. “She also reportedly intends to administer puberty blockers soon, which can cause chemical castration.”

Paxton noted in the letter that alleged “mental or emotional injury” ought to be investigated as readily as physical abuse.

“We ask that you open an investigation into this matter as soon as possible and act pursuant to your emergency powers to protect the boy in question [from] permanent and potentially irreversible harm by his mother,” wrote Paxton.

Lone Star State Gov. Greg Abbott said late Wednesday that the case would be probed.

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