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Obama’s Ukraine ambassador lied under oath in impeachment inquiry, according to new email evidence

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Obama's Ukraine ambassador lied under oath in impeachment inquiry, according to new email evidence

According to new email evidence, it appears as though Obama’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, perjured herself under oath during her closed-door testimony in House Democrats’ secret impeachment inquiry.

Marie Yovanovitch – appointed U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine by former President Barack Obama – allegedly made false statements under oath during her October 11 closed-door testimony in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exclusively broke the story saying: “Before the contents of the whistleblower complaint were known publicly, a Democratic congressional staffer contacted the former American ambassador to Ukraine to discuss what the staffer described as ‘quite delicate and time-sensitive questions,’”

“This show has obtained exclusively an email for that Democratic staffer for the House Foreign Affairs Committee sent by private email to the former American ambassador Marie Yovanovitch,” Carlson continued. “Yovanovitch, you know, is a key player in the Democrats’ impeachment probe and was recalled from her post in Ukraine by President Trump in May 2019 following allegations of serious partisanship and political bias.”

The email Tucker Carlson obtained says:

I’m writing to see if you would have time to meet up for a chat — in particular, I’m hoping to discuss some Ukraine-related oversight questions we are exploring. I’d appreciate the change to ground-truth a few pieces of information with you, some of which are quite delicate/time-sensitive and, thus, we want to make sure we get them right.

“That email was sent on August 14, that was two days after the whistleblower complaint was filed and a month before that complaint became public,” Carlson stated. “The whistleblower, however, went to Adam Schiff’s team before filing the complaint.”

“The question is, did Schiff’s office tell other Democrats on Capitol Hill what was in the complaint?” Carlson continued. “In other words, how long did this effort play out in secret before the rest of the country learned of it?”

Tucker noted that Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) asked Marie Yovanovitch about the email during her testimony and she allegedly said that she never responded to the email.

“In fact, it turns out that she did respond,” Carlson revealed. “She said she ‘looked forward to chatting with [the Democratic staffer].”

Emails obtained by Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” does show that in fact, Yovanovitch had responded to Carey’s initial Aug. 14 email, writing that she “would love to reconnect and look forward to chatting with you.”

“As Congressmen Zeldin pointed out, the ambassador’s original answer, which was dishonest, was given under oath,” Carlson concluded.

Congressmen Zeldin confirmed Tucker Carlson’s report on Twitter, writing: “It appears Ambassador Yovanovitch did not accurately answer this question I asked her during her ‘impeachment inquiry’ deposition under oath.”

Congressmen Zeldin included the following excerpts from Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony in a Twitter thread:

MR. ZELDIN: When was the last time you had communicated with that person?

MS. YOVANOVITCH: Well , I should actually clarify. So she emailed me. I alerted the State Department and, you know, asked them to handle the correspondence. And she emailed me again and said, you know, who should I be in touch with?

MR. ZELDIN: To try to get you to come in and testify to the House Foreign Affairs Committee?

MS. Y0VAN0VITCH: It wasn’t clear to me whether it was going to be whether this was a discussion with her, whether this was a discussion with other staffers, whether it was a deposition. I mean, it just didn’t get that far, because I transferred that information to the State Department lawyers well, H, actually.

MR. ZELDIN: And what specifically was she asking you to speak about?

MS. YOVANOVITCH: I think I think it was the circumstances of my departure, or maybe she just kept it more general and said to catch up, but I understood it as that.

MR. ZELDIN: Do you know if she had reached out to other people about that?

MS. YOVAN0VITCH: I don’t know

MR. ZELDIN: And you one more time. And what did you do after you received the email?

MS. YOVANOVITCH: I alerted the State Department, because I’m still an employee and so matters are generally handled through the State Department.

MR. ZELDIN: Was that person responded to by you or someone else?

MS . YOVAN0VITCH: I believe, yes, by [redacted] in the Legislative Affairs office.

MR. ZELDIN: Did you receive any subsequent requests to testify to the House Foreign Affairs Committee or to come in
to speak to someone at the House Foreign Affairs Committee following that initial email? Was there any follow-up?

MS. YOVANOVITCH: Well, as I said, there was the second email where she said, oh, okay, you know, who should I be
talking to? I didn’t respond to that email, because I had already transferred everything to the State Department and I figured they would be in touch, and they were.

Fox News’ Gregg Re has just reported that Yovanovitch replied to the staffer, identified by Fox News as Laura Carey, saying she “would love to reconnect and look forward to chatting with you.”

“I would highly suspect that this Democratic staffer’s work was connected in some way to the whistleblower’s effort, which has evolved into this impeachment charade,” Zeldin told Fox News on Thursday night. “We do know that the whistleblower was in contact with [House Intelligence Committee Chairman] Adam Schiff’s team before the whistleblower had even hired an attorney or filed a whistleblower complaint even though Schiff had lied to the public originally claiming that there was no contact. Additionally, while the contents of the email from this staffer to Ambassador Yovanovitch clearly state what the conversation would be regarding, Yovanovitch, when I asked her specifically what the staffer was looking to speak about, did not provide these details.”

“I specifically asked her whether the Democratic staffer was responded to by Yovanovitch or the State Department,” Zeldin concluded. “It is greatly concerning that Ambassador Yovanovitch didn’t answer my question as honestly as she should have, especially while under oath.”

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