January 20, 2022

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Joy Behar: “I don’t care about jobs as long as Trump is in the White House”

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Joy Behar: “I don’t care about jobs as long as Trump is in the White House”

On Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle joined the very far left anti-Trump cast on “The View” and oh boy they really showed their hatred for the President.

Once again liberal media proved they can’t look past their loss in 2016 and their hatred for President Trump and anyone that supports him.

At one point in the interview, Donald Trump Jr. spoke of the great economy and the jobs the Trump admin has created, but the anti-Trump mob focused on “character and tweets”. Probably because anything outside of that is far too confusing for these girls to understand. That and their pure hatred for America and the President elected by the people.

Joy Behar’s reply to Don Jr about all the jobs Trump has created was: “I don’t care about the jobs, so long as Trump is in the White House.”

So the takeaway from this is that Joy and the other rich liberal women on the view don’t care about millions of people getting jobs they have been wanting for so long. They just want to get rid of the president they despise.

This is the so-called tolerant progressive inclusive left.


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