October 16, 2021

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Four masked intruders set fire at printing press of The Epoch Times in Hong Kong

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Four masked intruders set fire at the printing press of The Epoch Times in Hong Kong

Four masked intruders dressed in black set a fire at the printing press of the Hong Kong bureau of The Epoch Times in the early hours of Nov. 19, marking the fourth attack to the facility since its opening more than a decade ago.

The manager of the printing press said that the incident took place around 3:40 a.m at the facility at Mong Kok, as the staff there were about to send off the freshly printed newspapers to the stands.

Moments after they opened the factory door, however, four masked men rushed into the printing factory and pointed batons towards the workers, shouting: “all of you don’t move!”

Video footage from the factory showed that two of the men donned black shirts similar to Hong Kong protesters, while the other two were wearing ordinary clothes. One of the black-shirted men carried an expandable baton and two buckets of gasoline, which he poured onto the factory machines and newspapers.

The other black-clad man then ignited a fire with a lighter. The four men immediately ran away after the fire started. The whole incident lasted for about two minutes.

The fire caused the sprinkler system to turn on. The staff then called the police and fire department, who arrived shortly after and contained the situation. The Tsuen Wan police bureau has launched an investigation.

Two print machines, four rolls of printing papers, and several stacks of newspapers in the factory suffered damage from the fire. Some papers were also damaged from the water.

The printing press fire marked the third attack since the publication established the local bureau in Hong Kong in 2000.

Source: (theepochtimes.com) “Masked Intruders Set Fire to Hong Kong Epoch Times Printing Press”

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