October 19, 2021

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CNN’s Don Lemon is a sad little man that gets upset over Trump memes

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CNN's Don Lemon is a sad little man that gets upset over Trump memes

CNN’s Don Lemon who’s a failure in the profession of journalism and finds anything to get upset about is once again triggered by a President Trump meme.

In an over the top and very very dramatic segment Lemon got triggered over a Thanos meme posted by the Trump war room.

This is the meme Lemon is upset over:

Don Lemon launched a two-minute on-air meltdown regarding the tweet published by the President’s re-election campaign.

“What are we, in junior high school? What the hell? What is this? What? I cannot believe that I’m having to report this on the news… This is crazy. This is literally crazy. Are you people insane?” asked Lemon.

“Are you insane? Go ahead, troll the Democrats on Twitter… Play this stupid juvenile meme game. History won’t record this meme crap,” he added.

Watch Lemon’s sad pathetic on-air meltdown:

You’re wrong Lemon, History will record these memes and history will record all your little pathetic meltdowns as well.

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