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Facebook threatens to shut down pro-Trump page Educating Liberals claiming it shares ‘false news’

Facebook threatens to shut down pro-Trump page Educating Liberals claiming it shares "false news"

It never ends with the left, they don’t like anyone being pro-Trump and telling the truth. Now another pro-Trump Facebook page with 240k followers is being threatened to be shut down because the very unreliable so-called Facebook ‘fact-checkers’ claim it shares ‘false news’.

Now, if you know Dylan Wheeler from Educating Liberals, you know that he supports the President speaks the truth and shares facts from reliable sources. He’s also damn good at exposing the lies of the left. If you don’t know who we’re talking about we recommend you check out Educating Liberals for here and judge for yourself.

You can also check out his Recommendations and Reviews and see that the page is very popular. Which is clearly one of the reasons Dylan is being targeted.

From what we can see in the message Dylan received from Facebook, they don’t cite anything he has posted only that he has apparently shared “false news”. This is typical of Facebook, many people on the social media platform are censored and banned without a reason. This has even happened to us here at Milne News many times.

From the Educating Liberals Facebook page:

Facebook is threatening to remove my page with 240,000 followers for sharing what their OWN “fact-checkers” say is “false news” – even though what I’m saying is the truth.

Nobody is fact-checking their “fact-checkers” & Facebook is hiding behind them as if they create a legitimate reason for shutting down free speech. I’m not even a news organization. Just a dude with opinions that they don’t want sharing with the public.

They already cut down my reach by 87% & have restricted me in other ways they refuse to mention. This is how you influence an election. By limiting the reach of those who are reaching the masses. And as much as I hate government control, social media is the new public square now. Everybody uses it to get their news, interact, learn, & formulate opinions/beliefs.

For that reason, I think we need a new internet bill of rights to protect our free speech from companies who are being protected as platforms under the law, yet really behave as publishers who determine what thoughts are allowed. To hell with these big fascist tech companies.

The fact is Dylan has done nothing wrong, he hasn’t shared “false news”. If he did they would be able to cite exactly what it was he shared that was apparently ‘false’. But they didn’t. His crime? supporting President Trump and telling the truth which the left cannot handle because, you know, orange man bad.

It’s beyond sad and pathetic how childish the left has become and the people that work at/for Facebook constantly abuse their power, lie, censor and ban anyone that supports President Donald J. Trump.

You can also follow Dylan on Instagram here.

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