August 16, 2022

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Fox News steals video from “We R The News” after they weren’t given permission to use it

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Fox News steals video from "We R The News" after they weren't given permission to use it

If there was ever an example of corporate media stepping on the little guy, this is it.

We received an email from a follower of the facebook page We R the News (who we won’t name to protect their identity) informing us that Fox News blatantly stole a video from them.

The video Fox stole titled “Town Hall with “The Adam Schiff” in Glendale” has now been removed from YouTube for apparently “violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech”, but fortunately can still be seen on the We R The News Facebook page.

You can check it out here via We R The News Facebook video (we asked permission to embed the video):

According to the owners of We R The News, Fox News did reach out to them asking if they could use the video. However, they were not granted permission.

In the comments under a post by We R The News calling out the network for stealing their video, someone asked if Fox asked permission and what appears to be someone who works for We R The News replied saying:

Fox 11 asked, we didn’t give permission. Cavuto asked, we didn’t respond and of course FOX News just helped themselves to someones video that downloaded ours and slapped their logo on it. WRONG. I asked FOX News to provide me with the documents that gave them permission to use my intellectual property as their own.

In more posts, We R The News make it clear further that they denied FOX.

We R The News ONLY Cares when those “Profiteers, that peddle FAKE NEWS about Pres Trump, KNOWINGLY step into fray, have their FAKE NEWS Department KNOWINGLY look for the owner “of content” that [THEY] seek to have but DO NOT RECEIVE Permission to use. Fox had sent their local affiliate to Seek Permission for “usage ACROSS ALL OF [THEIR] PLATFORMS. Knowing that FOX NEWS didn’t have permission for usage rights, the go still and give the GREEN LIGHT to have the link (which they KNOWINGLY) don’t have usage rights to

As you can see, Fox asked for permission and they were denied, so they decided to just steal the video and then link back to someone else who stole the video. this is a prime example of how big media thinks they can do whatever they want. It’s simply outrageous.

We reached out to We R News and they confirmed that they did not give Fox as well as several other MSM outlets’ permission. So if you see this video on any network just know they stole it.

No wonder everyone is sick and tired of mainstream media and they are losing viewers by the day.

You can follow We R The News on Facebook here.

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