December 8, 2021

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Robert De Niro: ‘I’d like to see a bag of sh*t right in Trump’s face’

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Robert De Niro: 'I’d like to see a bag of sh*t right in Trump's face'

On the “Rumble with Michael Moore” podcast, Robert De Niro who is constantly having a meltdown spoke with far-left activist and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore about his thoughts on President Trump.

Robert De Niro claimed that Trump had “no good intentions.”

He continued, “There has not been one thing about this person that has been redeeming, as far as I can see. Nothing. For the Republicans who have fallen in line with him, I don’t understand it. It’s a disgrace. It’s beyond a disgrace. Shame on them. Shame on all of them.”

He added, “Pigs have dignity. He has no dignity. He is a disgrace to the human race.”

De Niro continued, “I’d like to see a bag of shit right in his face. Hit him right in the face like that, and let the picture go all over the world.”

He concluded, “He needs to be humiliated. He needs to be confronted and humiliated by whoever his opponent is, his political opponent. They have to stand up to him, they don’t have to do it in an obvious physical way, but they have to have the formidability to confront him and to put him in his place because the people have to see that, to see him be humiliated.”

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