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Florida man charged with killing his pro-Trump boss over politics

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Florida man charged with killing his pro-Trump boss over politics

A Florida man fatally stabbed his boss Monday because of his support for President Trump before placing an American flag next to his body, according to authorities.

28-year-old Mason Toney is charged with killing his pro-Trump boss, Willian Knight, 28, at an Orlando construction site near the Florida Turnpike, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

Mason Toney, 28

Toney was arrested after an hours-long search, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Witnesses said the pair, who were also friends, was traveling from one job to another when they got into an argument over their political differences, according to an affidavit.

Toney is “anti-government and very outspoken about his beliefs that the government is bad and out to get him,” Detective Fabian Ramirez wrote in the affidavit.

Tony’s arrest affidavit says that while the pair were driving between work sites, they had gotten in a heated argument about politics. Co-workers told detectives that Toney is anti-government while Knight is a proud American and a supporter of President Trump. 

The workers told investigators shortly after getting to the job site, they heard Knight yelling for help and saw Toney standing over him stabbing him repeatedly. Investigators said that they found a brand new American flag next to Knight’s body, noting it did not belong to Knight or anyone on the job site. 

The arrest affidavit also said that he had brought a red and white backpack to work Monday, which co-workers told investigators was unusual because Toney never brings anything with him to work. 

Those workers explained to investigators that they all reported he had never done that before. The workers told investigators that he should not have needed to bring any tools to work with him because all those tools needed for work are provided on the job site.

Investigators found the new American flag next to Knight’s body when they responded to the scene.

28-year-old Mason Toney is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond. Knight’s father told WESH-TV that the men had known each other for most of their lives.

Knight’s family told WESH 2 News that Toney wasn’t just Knight’s employee, but also a lifelong friend.

“He was a friend of the family. My son went to elementary school with him and to middle school and high school,” William Knight’s father said.

Knight’s family said Toney had been going through some difficult times, but no one expected he would do something like this, especially to William Steven Knight, who they described as a generous and loving friend.

“He would give his shirt off his back to anybody, feed anybody,” William Knight said.

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