June 23, 2021

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VIDEO: Questionable Coin Flips Hand Buttigieg Delegates in Iowa

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VIDEO: Questionable Coin Flips Hand Buttigieg Delegates in Iowa

Pete Buttigieg is being accused of cheating, and on top of that, dubious coin flips helped hand the South Bend Mayor more delegates in Iowa.

Buttigieg is receiving a lot of backlash for declaring victory despite votes not being counted due to a “reporting issue.”

To make matters worse, the app used to tally up the votes is owned by a parent company which is owned by a Buttigieg supporter.

However, another method of deciding delegates also has everyone questioning everything – coil flips.

Breaking delegate ties by a coin flip is not new, but the video below has caused concern.

The person flipping the coin in the video below appears to catch it awkwardly, take a peek then flip the coin over before immediately declaring “heads” to give Buttigieg the delegate.

Another clip shows Pete Buttigieg winning a delegate on a coin flip to defeat Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

This didn’t go down well…

More at #MayorCheat.

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