October 27, 2021

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Antifa Members Arrested After Violent Attacks and “Kill Cops” Written On War Memorials

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Three Antifa Members Arrested After Violent Attacks and “Kill Cops” Written On War Memorials

Domestic terrorist group Antifa on Saturday attacked Police and threw eggs, rocks, and bottles at the officers. Members of the Portland Police Bureau backed off to across the street and stayed there.

More videos here.

Oregon Live reports there was rumored to be a Ku Klux Klan white supremacy rally at a downtown park. Counter-protesters, including members of Antifa, still showed up even though police said the original event was scrapped.

“While the rally was being held and was peaceful, Portland Police officers stayed away,” the police bureau said. “However, some people in the group began acting in a violent, threatening manner against attendees who were legally capturing photos and videos.”

According to police, some people used metal-tipped umbrellas to “jab toward people and chase them down the street.” Other objects, such as rocks, concrete, batons, cans, and food were thrown at members of the public and officers.

At least two incendiary devices, believed to be flares, were thrown into nearby traffic, police said. The event spanned nearly four hours and required a “large police response” that limited the department’s ability to respond to calls for service citywide.

Portland Fire and Rescue medics had to treat three people for exposure to pepper spray wielded by civilians.

During the four-hour event, police said a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and transported to a hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. Police said the driver of the vehicle remained on scene and cooperated with officers.

“Law enforcement officers did not use force against anyone during this event,” the police bureau said.

As the police just sat and watched, Antifa members defaced a war memorial with graffiti saying things such as, “Punch Cops,” “Kill Cops,” and “All Cops are Bastards”

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said Willy Cannon, 25, was charged with a misdemeanor for abusing a memorial and a felony for criminal mischief. In addition to Cannon, the sheriff’s office said Brandon Farley, 31, was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and Heaven Davis, 19, was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief.

Willy Cannon, Heaven Davis, and Brandon Farley 

Note: Brandon Farley was arrested separately to the Antifa mob after the domestic terrorist group chased him down and attacked him. To be clear, he is not Antifa. Farley of Optics Media is an independent journalist who shoots and Edits Videos of Disruptive Events in Downtown Portland, Oregon. His work can be seen here. (We recommend you subscribe)

Also, Brandon Farley was the Journalist who shot the footage of the Man who abused a 9/11 widow. Which helped us identify him as Steve Wilson. That story here.


Police Chief Jami Resch said the actions of the protesters “negatively impacted public safety of the entire city because resources had to be diverted to this event.”

“I want to acknowledge the community members who came down to peacefully assemble and exercise their freedom of speech rights,” Resch said in a statement. “Unfortunately, a group of people chose to engage in dangerous, illegal behavior. I appreciate the thoughtful, measured response by our officers and law enforcement partners.”

Also, Independent journalist Brandon Brown was attacked for the second time in two months. He was poked with umbrellas, pushed, grabbed, kicked, hit with rocks and eggs, and he was sprayed in the face with “bear spray,” a form of mace intended to hurt and blind attacking bears.


Authorities said the investigation continues as another suspect who defaced the war memorial is still at large. Anyone with knowledge of the unknown suspect’s identity, or more photos of any crimes that took place during the protest Saturday is urged to email the information to police at crimetips@portlandoregon.gov.

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