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Joe Biden Told Black Mayors that Black “Parents Can’t Read or Write Themselves,” According to NY Times report

Joe Biden Told Black Mayors that Black "Parents Can’t Read or Write Themselves," According to NY Times report

Joe Biden reportedly shocked a group of black leaders in 2019 when he said that parents in black communities can’t read or write.

The comment, reported by The New York Times on Thursday, is said to have been uttered by the former vice president during a private meeting with black mayors in Georgia.

For some reason, the NY Times only decided to report on this now instead of when it happened last year. But nonetheless…

Three people who were at the event have confirmed the version of events to the NY Times, saying that Joe Biden told them one of the problem’s black communities have to deal with is that the “parents can’t read or write themselves.”

According to the report, his comment “shocked and frustrated” those who were in the room. In a statement provided to the newspaper, Biden’s campaign didn’t deny that he made the comment, saying: “The Vice President regularly talks about how his father’s experience has shaped the way he feels about and views the relationship between parents and their children’s learning.”

No-one is sure where Biden is getting his information from because according to data on adult literacy from the National Center for Education Statistics from 2014, white Americans made up 33% of low-skilled adults, with Hispanic adults accounting for 35% of the group. That year, black Americans made up 23% of low-literacy adults. VIA: TGP

Biden is desperately trying to revive his 2020 campaign to be the Democratic nominee for president after a dismal fifth-place finish in New Hampshire.

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