May 19, 2022

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Leftists Attack and Call For Extreme Violence on Conservative Reporter

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Leftists Attack and Call For Extreme Violence on Conservative Reporter

While attempting to visit Ohio University, conservative reporter Kaitlin Bennett’s vehicle was attacked by far-left college students punching and shaking the vehicle. They threw drinks including hot coffee into an open window where Joel Patrick was sitting. Meanwhile, police sat in cruisers within walking distance and did nothing.

“We went there to film a President’s Day Trivia video, similar to my other trivia videos on Liberty Hangout,” Kaitlin Bennett said speaking to National File.

“We were only able to ask one person one question before a mob started to form and eventually turned into a riot.”

Bennett for explained that the video only shows the portion of the violence that occurred once she was finally able to get to her vehicle.

“They started throwing objects at us, hitting me in the face several times. They dumped hot coffee on me, and then several other beverages on my friend Joel Patrick,” said Bennett.

“When we finally made it to our ride, they were jumping on the truck and beating the windows trying to break it.”

Bennett added, “What’s important for anyone reading this to understand is that they treat me like this because they know my opinions.”

“They would do the same to any other conservative.”

“Trump needs to see what’s happening and strip funding to Ohio University.”

But it didn’t end there, the left took to Twitter to celebrate and call for more vicious attacks against Bennett. They even condoned the attacks on her:

And on and on it goes. We could post so much more here but there are too many to count. You can see more of the disgusting calls for violence against Bennett on Twitter.

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