October 27, 2021

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VIDEO: Mike Bloomberg in 2011 ‘I know Donald Trump! He’s a great guy…I’m a big fan!’

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VIDEO: Mike Bloomberg in 2011 'I know I know Donald Trump! He's a great guy...I'm a big fan!'

2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg in 2011 had nothing but high praise for Donald Trump. However, now that Trump is President he’s spending millions to try and beat him this November.

“I know Donald Trump. He’s a great guy,” Mike Bloomberg said. He added a jab, saying, “He doesn’t do everything he says but he sure tries.” 


Does the left forget what they have said in the past or are they just hoping everyone forgot and won’t dig up the footage? Very strange.

Video via: The Liberty Hound

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1 thought on “VIDEO: Mike Bloomberg in 2011 ‘I know Donald Trump! He’s a great guy…I’m a big fan!’

  1. So many politicians, are so disingenuous, & will say & do “anything”, to achieve their purpose…..which is usually very self serving, & narcissistic! They all have giant ego’s….{ which does not serve them well, if they are Attorneys}……Bloomberg, is such a person….{ too smart to be an attorney?} Bloomberg, would make a very bad national leader…..{ too self involved, & lecherous}

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