October 28, 2021

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VIDEO: Trump Supporters Carry WWII Veteran Into Rally to See The President

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VIDEO: Trump Supporters Carry WWII Veteran Into Rally to See The President

A World War II vet wanted to see President Trump and a group of Trump Supporters helped make that happen. After the gentleman was carried into the rally he was honored by the President and Don Jr. with signed MAGA hats.

During his speech at his rally in Nevada, President Trump honored the WWII veteran and Don Jr. came out and gave the elderly man signed MAGA hats.


President Trump then honored the World War II veteran who gained online fame after being carried into his rally on Wednesday.

“It’s all over TV that the folks here tonight have helped a great World War II veteran into the arena. I don’t know if he knows it, but he’s, right now, the hottest celebrity in the world,” Trump said. “He might even be hotter than Trump, right now, I have to say.”

“He’s all over television. Even ‘fake news CNN’ had him on, but they say he is a legitimate hero, a veteran of World War II, Irvin Julian,” Trump continued.

When Donald Trump Jr. took to the podium he spoke about the WWII veteran:

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