September 19, 2021

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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Was Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s Landlord

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MSNBC's Chuck Todd Was Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s Landlord

MSNBC host Chuck Todd — who was one of the moderators in Wednesday night’s 2020 Democratic debate — is more familiar with one candidate than any other. He was Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s landlord, sources exclusively told Page Six.

Klobuchar and her husband, lawyer John Bessler, rented a 3-bedroom home owned by Chuck Todd in Arlington, Virginia, sources said. The Minnesota Democrat and Bessler apparently began renting the house in 2008. A source insisted to Page Six that Klobuchar and Bessler are not currently living at the home anymore — but it’s unclear when they moved out.

A 2008 report by the Star Tribune on where Minnesota reps live said at the time that Klobuchar and Bessler moved into a 3-bedroom Arlington rental home from a smaller apartment to accommodate family visitors.

They were renting the house for “$3,200/month, plus utilities.” The report added at the time that, “Before moving in May to provide more room for ‘visiting grandparents,’ Klobuchar and her family rented a two-bedroom apartment in northern Virginia for $2,800 a month.” The article said that Klobuchar and Bessler still had a Minnesota home, but that her workweek consisted of, “Four to five days in D.C., with one family weekend each month in Arlington.”

The house — according to online listings of the address — has 3.5 bathrooms and is approximately 3,000 square feet.

A source said it’s not a secret among Beltway insiders that Todd rented the home to Klobuchar — though it doesn’t seem to have been disclosed publicly.

NBC did not comment, and a Klobuchar press rep did not immediately comment when we reached out.

Luckily none of the questions at the Democratic debate were over damage deposits or leaky sinks. Klobuchar instead most notably sparred with rival Mayor Pete Buttigieg, even asking him: “Are you trying to say that I’m dumb? Are you mocking me here, Pete?”

VIA: Page Six

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