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VIDEO: Bloomberg Slips Up and Accidently Says He “Bought” House Democrats

Bloomberg Slips Up and Accidently Says He “Bought” House Democrats

Tuesday night in Charleston, South Carolina saw another Democrat Debate kick off again as the 2020 candidates battled it out to become the next Primary pick.

The Dem debate erupted into chaos as the 2020 candidates screamed at each other over who could spend trillions of dollars in a more productive way.

At one point Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg slipped up and said he “bought” Congress.

“Let’s go on the record…they talk about 40 Democrats — 21 of those people that I spent $100 million on to help elect. All the new Democrats that came in that put Nancy Pelosi in charge and gave the Congress the ability to control this president — I BOUGHT – uh I got them.”


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