October 19, 2021

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NY Post Correspondent Captured On Video Appearing to Mock Indian Reporter

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NY Post Correspondent Captured On Video Appearing to Mock Indian Reporter

Mr. Raghubir Goyal an Indian Journalist who has been a White House reporter since President Carter, appeared to be mocked by New York Post Washington Correspondent Ebony Bowden during a press conference with President Trump.

Raghubir Goyal is a Correspondent for the White House in the India Globe. Ebony Bowden – who has written about ‘subtle racism’ in the past – is a Washington correspondent for New York Post. Aussie New Yorker and former reporter for The Age, SMH, according to her Twitter.

As Mr. Goyal asks President Trump a question, Bowden can be seen in the background (wearing green) and appearing to laugh and mock the Indian reporter.


It is unclear if Ms. Bowden is laughing at what Mr. Goyal is saying since it’s not related to the subject of the conference or if this is some of that ‘casual racism’ she has spoken about and is “harboring unconscious biases, behaving with subtle racism,” to use her own words.

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