June 24, 2021

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Hillary Clinton To Launch a Podcast Later This Year Ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election

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Hillary Clinton To Launch a Podcast Later This Year Ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election

This spring, Hillary Clinton is launching an as-yet-unnamed podcast, PEOPLE confirmed.

On the new program, the 72-year-old will sit down with a variety of guests, which could include politicians and world leaders as well as celebrities and authors, per a Clinton source.

The guest list will be in keeping with Hillary Clinton’s The Book of Gutsy Women, which she released last year with daughter Chelsea.

The podcast, which will be co-produced by IHeartMedia, will launch later this year — ahead of the 2020 presidential election coming up in November and this summer’s Democratic National Convention — Hillary Clinton has already begun working on the new project, as first reported by Politico.

Clinton’s podcast will apparently take inspiration from hosts Conan O’Brien and Howard Stern.

“She wants to try to have a wider-ranging conversation that will be lasting, so you can listen to it in a year or you can listen to it tomorrow and it will be interesting,” a person close to Clinton told Politico. “And then, of course, she’ll do some ranting and raving about the news of the day.”

When asked how Clinton was preparing to create a compelling show, a source close to Hillary Clinton told Politico she was doing her homework.

Said the source: “She’s been listening to a lot of podcasts.”

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