September 19, 2021

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Owen Shroyer Kicked Out Of CPAC

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Owen Shroyer Kicked Out Of CPAC

Owen Shroyer, the host of Infowars’ War Room, was kicked out of CPAC 2020 along with the producer of the show, Savanah Hernandez, for recording just one day after Gavin McInnes was booted from the event.

In the age of censorship, Conservative Inc is censoring conservatives.

Ironically, online censorship of conservative voices has been a major topic on panels at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Donald Trump Jr. told a crowd on Friday morning at the convention that censorship and bias against conservative voices is “probably a top-three issue” with his father’s “base” of voters. 

But the not long after Charlie Kirk – founder of TPUSA – tried to snub Owen Shroyer and Shroyer jokingly mocked Kirk, he was asked to leave.

At first, Shroyer wasn’t given a reason only he had to vacate the premises so it’s not clear if Charlie Kirk had anything to do with it. But after quite a while Owen and Savanag were told it was because they were filming.

Nowhere on the CPAC website does it state that no-one can record there. However, the rule seemed to be implemented once McInnes, Shroyer started recording.

Meanwhile, far-left activist Journalists were allowed full access to the event.

So the big question is why is Conservative Inc censoring alternative media and pandering to the liberal anti-Trump media?

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