September 21, 2021

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Creepy Tom Arnold Sexually Harasses Melania Trump On Twitter

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Creepy Tom Arnold Sexually Harasses Melania Trump On Twitter

Creepy Tom Arnold, who the left adore and never calls him out on his abusive behavior, has disgustingly sexually harassed First Lady Melania Trump on Twitter.

Tom Arnold is constantly saying sexual, dirty and racist things towards Trump and his supporters. Most recently he sexually harrassed Diamond and Silk.

Creepy Arnold also previously suggested Justice Brett Kavanaugh molested children without a scrap of evidence. He also told black conservative activist and talk show host Candace Owens to “suck racist d***.”

Now, Creepy Tom Arnold has sexually harrassed FLOTUS on Twitter with this disgusting Tweet:

Creepy Tom Arnold has and still does have a reputation for being a lying, drug addict, racist woman abuser. And the left NEVER calls him out or hold him accountable for his actions.

Tom Arnold

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1 thought on “Creepy Tom Arnold Sexually Harasses Melania Trump On Twitter

  1. Tom Arnold, is the “Lowest, of the scum sucking pigs! A-Moral, drug abuser, &, a total failure in his life…..Now? Lock him up, in the same jail cell as Jeffrey Epstein…..{ Throw Hillary in with him, [ & KAMALA HARRIS?} watch the “fireworks”…..Tom “likes” Women, & so does Hillary!}…..How do you think that would evolve?….:O}}}

    That’s called Poetic Justice!…..BRING IT ON!

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