September 19, 2021

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Firearm Manufacturer Gives “AR-14” To Michigan Autoworker Abused By Joe Biden

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Firearm Manufacturer Gives "AR-14" To Michigan Autoworker Abused By Joe Biden

Michigan autoworker Jerry Wayne who was recently thrown into the political spotlight after getting into a dispute with 2020 Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden, was gifted a new “AR-14” rifle on Wednesday.

Jerry Wayne stood his ground while questioning Joe Biden about his stance on gun control, even when the former vice president called him a liar and threatened to fight him.

Biden told Wayne he was “full of shit” and referred to AR-15s as AR-14s in the viral confrontation video.

A couple of days later, a Michigan firearms manufacturer reached out to Mr. Wayne to present him with a brand new custom rifle featuring artwork mocking the encounter with Joe Biden.

“AR-14,” is inscribed on the side of the rifle along with a silhouette of Biden saying, “You’re full of shit!”

The magazine reads “100 Round Clip Magazine,” which is also mocking a Biden quote from 2019.

The manufacturer, Next Level Armament, wrote, “When a patriot stands up for the 2a community it is a great thing, especially when he’s from the great state of Michigan. But when Jerry Wayne got all up in Joe Biden’s feels, we decided we needed to get him taken care of. Next Level Armament AR-14 edition AR-15 lasered up by @armoryvalentine for our boy. Luckily he was able to make time to stop by for a visit and we were able to present this build to him!”

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