January 22, 2022

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VIDEOS: Morons Lick Toilet Seats Calling It The “Coronavirus Challenge”

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VIDEOS: Morons Lick Toilet Seats Calling It The "Coronavirus Challenge"

Self-proclaimed Instagram “model” Ava Louise kicked off a ridiculous attention-seeking stunt by licking a toilet seat and calling it the “Coronavirus Challenge”.

In the clip, the New Jersey native, wearing sunglasses on her head, leans down, licks the toilet seat generously as it if were ice cream, then gives the peace sign.

She also said that ‘coronavirus is for poor people’ and she hopes it will take her out next so that she never gets old and ‘ugly’.

She also said she wanted to “troll the media” and hoped the virus would knock out the Boomers.

Another two sheep participated in the “Coronavirus challenge” and posted videos themselves licking toilet seats.

21-year-old Ava Louise first gained fame after appearing on “The Dr Phil Show” twice telling her “not to hot” tale about how she used to be overweight and bullied but is now a “magical creature.”

Just another attention-seeking stunt like the “Tide pod challenge”

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