August 13, 2022

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Asylum Seekers and Illegal Border Crossers To Be Turned Away From the United States

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Asylum Seekers and Illegal Border Crossers To Be Turned Away From the United States

The Trump administration said they plan to immediately turn back all asylum seekers and other foreigners trying to cross the southwestern border illegally.

The Trump Admin said they cannot risk allowing the coronavirus to spread through detention facilities and among Border Patrol agents, four administration officials said Tuesday.

The officials said all ports of entry will remain open to all American citizens, green card holders and some foreigners with proper documentation.

Some foreigners will be blocked, including Europeans currently subject to earlier travel restrictions enacted by the Trump administration. The entryways will also be open to commercial traffic.

However, under the new rule, Border Patrol agents will immediately return to Mexico anyone who tries to cross the southern border between the legal ports of entry. Under the new policy, asylum seekers will not be held for any length of time in an American facility nor would they be given due process. Once caught, they would be driven to the nearest port of entry and returned to Mexico without further detention.

Although they advised that details of the policy could change before the announcement, administration officials said the effort was critical to avert an outbreak of the coronavirus inside detention facilities along the border.

…In the next 24 hours, one official said, the United States and Canada plan to issue a joint statement saying that they are suspending nonessential travel between the two countries. That would allow trade to continue, but would restrict flights and border crossings for things like vacations.

Canada will end to non-essential border crossings between the two nations. The new policy will not effect trade between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico for the time being.

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