October 19, 2021

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Fake News Alert: Oprah Has Not Been Arrested For Sex Trafficking

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Fake News Alert: Oprah Has Not Been Arrested For Sex Trafficking

Oprah was suddenly trending on Twitter due to one post from one guy who claimed the former talk show host was arrested for sex trafficking. As usual, this is fake news.

A post pushing the false news that Oprah was arrested for sex trafficking from a guy named Chris Rizzoli has gone viral. And as usual, a whole bunch of gullible people has fallen for it. Rizzoli also claims that Tom Hanks has been arrested for pedophilia and is refusing to leave his hotel room in Australia. Hanks is in Aus filming an Elvis biopic and is currently in quarantine due to testing positive for Coronavirus.

Chris also claimed that Celine Dion, Madonna, and Charles Barkley would soon be arrested

Here’s the post:

As well as this post, bodycam footage was posted allegedly of Oprah’s house being raided:

If that’s Oprah’s house then she’s gone downhill and now lives in a 30K house in West Detroit.

Oprah did release a statement – I’m guessing from home arrest? – saying she had been informed that she was trending:

But if you still want to believe that Oprah has been arrested for sex trafficking then just wait a little while. I’m sure after her self quarantine she will be seen out and about freely walking around. Then what? Are you going to say she was let off?

C’mon, people, I’m no Oprah fan, but let’s keep it real. let’s not be as bad as the leftist mainstream media.

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