May 19, 2022

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Marvel Debuts New Non-Binary Superhero Called “Snowflake” and Twin “Safespace”

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Marvel Debuts New Non-Binary Superhero Called "Snowflake"

Marvel Comics has debuted its “non-binary” superhero named “Snowflake”. The debut is part of their New woke Warriors reboot.

The trailer (see video below) for Marvel’s New Warriors reboot was released earlier this week, and both characters Snowflake, and twin, Safespace, feature in it.

Bounding into Comics reports: New Warriors writer Daniel Kibblesmith introduced the new team and detailed the premise of the upcoming series.

“My editors on the previous books that I’d done like Loki and Black Panther vs Deadpool asked if I’d be interested in doing a New Warriors tie-in that actually poses them as the authority figures in this conflict instead of the rebels. And I really liked the attention of that.”

“Snowflake and Safespace are the twins. And their names are very similar to Screentime. It’s this idea that these are terms that get thrown around on the internet that they don’t see as derogatory. To take those words and kind of wear them as badges of honor.”

“Safespace is kind of a big, burly sort of stereotypical jock. He can create force fields, but he can only trigger them if he is protecting somebody else.”

As for Snowflake, Kibblesmith explains, “Snowflake is non-binary and goes by they/them. Snowflake has the power to generate individual crystallized snowflake-shaped shurikens. The connotations of the word snowflake in our culture right now are something fragile. And this is a character who is turning it into something sharp. Snowflake is the person who has the more offensive power and Safespace is the person who has the more defensive power. The idea is that they would mirror each other and complement each other.”

Here it is:

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