October 27, 2021

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Doctor Says Coronavirus Can Live On Packages For Up To 24 Hours

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Doctor Says Coronavirus Can Live On Packages For Up To 24 Hours

In an interview with the Today show, Dr. John Torres explained people receiving deliveries from any company should be careful how they handle those packages. 

Torres explained that the virus can live on various surfaces for various times. 

‘Anywhere from copper around four hours to stainless steel and plastic two-three days. Cardboard is right down the middle 24 hours is how long it could live on there and still be what we call viable, meaning it could still pass on coronavirus,’ Torres said.  

Torres explained that people who are still receiving packages should take the outside package and get rid of it then wash your hands. 

‘With the inside package you can do two things: You can let it sit there for 24 hours. It should go away at that point. If you need it now you can disinfect it on the outside which should help to some extent, but the main thing is once you handle that wash your hands before you touch your face,’ Torres said.

Dr. John Torres is a medical correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC. An emergency room physician, his reporting covers a range of health-related issues. Torres was previously with NBC’s 9News in Colorado, where he answered viewers’ medical questions and reported on breaking health stories, while running his clinical practice.

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