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Pedophile Released From Prison Because Judge Was Worried He Will Get Coronavirus

Pedophile Released From Prison Because Judge Was Worried He Will Get Coronavirus

A convicted pedophile who most recently targeted a seven-year-old girl has been released from prison because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Corey Karl Devlin, 29 fronted the Southport District Court on Friday for flashing his penis at the child who rushed to tell her father and grandmother, according to the Gold Coast Bulletin

Devlin had previously been convicted of two counts of having sexual intercourse with a person aged between 14-16 and one count each of possessing child exploitation material and failing to abide by sex offender reporting obligations between 2012-2014, the court was told. 

The girl’s father and grandmother reported the incident to police. 

The prosecutor told the court he was ten months into a suspended sentence and probation order when he offended against the young girl. 

His defense barrister told the court he was a heavy smoker and had weakened physical health. 

Despite being concerned the man would re-offend, Judge Julie Dick, said that the courts were ‘under a lot of pressure to get people out of custody’ because of COVID-19. 

‘I’m going to let you out because of the virus.’ she said. 

She sentenced Devlin to 149 days prison which he had already served and also extended his probation by two years and suspended sentence by one year. 

‘You keep offending against children – you have a problem. And eventually, it is possible for a court to order you don’t be released ever if it keeps going on,’ she said.’ 

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