December 5, 2021

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President Trump Warned America About Coronavirus in the Speech Pelosi Tore Up

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President Trump Warned America About Coronavirus in the Speech Pelosi Tore Up

The mainstream media is pushing the narrative that President Donald Trump didn’t take Coronavirus seriously from the begging. What they fail to tell you is during the State of the Union speech, the President made it clear he was taking the outbreak very seriously.

As the President was giving his SOTU speech, instead of listening to what he had to say and the warning he put forth about the coronavirus, Democrats put on a show. They sat in protest wearing all white while taking instruction on when to stand and boo from Speaker Pelosi, who could be seen signalling to her fellow angry Dems who have been on a 3-year tantrum because they lost the 2016 election.

Speaker Pelosi was more focused grandstanding than President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech. If she wasn’t directing her fellow Dems, Pelosi could be seen pulling faces, mumbling to VP Mike Pence and then she topped off her performance by ripping up the copy of the SOTU speech.

The same speech that President Trump warned America about the Coronavirus.

Protecting Americans’ health also means fighting infectious diseases. We are coordinating with the Chinese government and working closely together on the Coronavirus outbreak in China. My Administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat.

Full transcript here

The President’s message was lost to Pelosi and her fellow Dems, they didn’t hear it. All they heard was their own inner dialogues of the same old hate Trump rhetoric while putting on a show. They had no interest in working with him to combat the issues he laid out. They were only interested in colluding with one another to impeach him and try to get him out of office no matter what.

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2 thoughts on “President Trump Warned America About Coronavirus in the Speech Pelosi Tore Up

  1. Democrats are evil, vile people.

    They are communists-in-waiting and care NOT for the American people.


  2. The democrats must hate the internet with a burning passion, since it keeps track of all their lies

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