2 thoughts on “Mayor de Blasio Announces He’s Released Hundreds of Inmates From NYC Jails

  1. DEBLASIO: IRRESPONSIBLE, MIND NUMBED, A-MORAL, INEFFECTIVE, UNWORTHY, INEPT, & A BONIFIDE LIBRETARD TO BOOT! No wonder New York, State, & City, is a total waste of human flesh!

    I would not set foot in that State, for “Any reason”…..Now, Full fledged criminals, are walking the streets, looking for their next mark, Victim, “Prey”……Idiot new Yorkers……Shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

  2. What a warm-hearted humanitarian! I trust he’s made arrangements at his fine residence to house those poor innocents so they don’t inadvertently infect the rest of the city with the very disease they’re fleeing.

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